Printify User's Manual

Glad to see that you joined us. Here's a quick guide through Printify to get you started.

Shortly about Printify

Printify is a print on demand drop shipping platform available on Shopify App Store. You can install our app here.

With Printify you get instant access to a network of the leading bigshot manufacturers, 16 world-class brands and 100+ custom products - T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, canvases and more. Read more about the print on demand manufacturer network here.

Use our innovative Product Designer to customize your products down to the very last pixel. Get access to high definition 3D mockups - it's for free. Automated order printing fulfilment and drop shipping. We take care of your orders from A to Z - till your customer receives the package. No need for storage space or inventory - pay only per actual sales. Your own virtual inventory with Printify.

Our User's Manual

Here you can find guides through several main topics. You can also find information in other guides - Shipping and Design.

Before you start selling, enjoy the experience of creating your products.


If you go to the page Products, you simply check out our product range. In the left column you can select products by categories: custom phone cases, T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, mugs and more. You can also browse products by brands and manufacturers.

With Printify you have the opportunity to choose your product manufacturers - depending on your business values. Compare prices, available products and brands for each manufacturer. Our network consists of the leading bigshot manufacturers from US and UK - and with Printify you get instant access to all of them. Read more about the print on demand manufacturer network here

When browsing products in the Products page for a custom T-shirt, press on products that seem interesting for you. In the product page you can find out more about the product.

Here is an example of a product page - you can see the available product colours, sizes and other variants, also - for which manufacturers this product is available. Below you can check out the details - material, weight, washing instructions and more.

Here you can also start designing the product - make your own shirt. In this case you will add your design only to this one product and after uploading your image and setting all preferences you will get to our Product Designer.

The Printify Product Designer Concept

From our page Products you can explore our offer and check out the details of each product. In the product page you can also start designing the product - upload your image one by one.

You can also go to the Product Designer page, where you press "ADD PRODUCT" button to select products that you want to add to your collection. In case there are no products added to your product designer yet - by going to this page, you will be redirected to product selection page. 

In case of adding several products in product designer, the process of creating many products will be fast and simple. In the same collection you can also add several images and layers. But this works only when you already know which particular products you will create. 


Selecting products for your collection

When you go to our Product Designer, you either need to press the "ADD PRODUCT" button to add more products or in case you haven't added any products - you are automatically redirected to the page to select products. Here you can add a product simply by pressing on the empty square on the left top corner of each product. In case you change your mind - you can either press on the green square or as you can see in the image below - press on the X in the bottom ruler. Keep in mind that currently Shopify has a limit of 30 products per collection.

When you have selected all the products that you want to add to your collection - press "ADD SELECTED". For the products that you select here you can either upload one design for all or in the Product Designer upload for several products different images. 



In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

When you select our products, you get to the Product Designer page. By pressing "UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN", you will upload an image for all the products you have added. Check out our Design Guide to make sure that your designs are prepared correctly. After you do that, you can edit each product one by one.

By pressing "DESIGN" you will be able to upload several image layers and edit image positioning, choose product variants by colors, sizes and more. Here you also see high definition product preview images and select your product thumbnail.

By pressing "EDIT DETAILS" you will be able to add product title, description and product prices. Here you can also duplicate or delete products. 


When you press "DESIGN", you get to a page like this. For each product category some parameters are different - but the ideology is the same. This is the view you see in case you didn't upload an image before - so the first thing you need to do is to upload an image. 



When you upload an image, you get to this view - check below. There in the "Layers" section you can see if the image quality is high enough for printing this product. You can also add more image layers, change their order or delete them. For several apparel products you can choose front side, back side and even sleeve print - change from side selections to edit design on different apparel sides.

Here you also select your product variants. For apparel you choose in what sizes and colours this product will be sold. For some other products such as phone cases, canvases and more you have the opportunity to set background color. By pressing "Preview", you can see high defintion product variant images from different angles. When you're done with the product - simply press "Save". 



When you press "Preview", you can see your product preview images from various angles and in different variants. Below by pressing "Set as title image" you select the current image as the title image for your product.



When you press "EDIT DETAILS", you get to a page where firstly you can edit product title and description. Don't be afraid to be creative here - it's the content that will be displayed next in your product page on your Shopify store. You can also edit product prices. Prices can be different for different sizes. You can edit by retail prices, profit and profit margins. 



When you press "SELL ON SHOPIFY", you either need to register/log in, connect to your Shopify store or in case you have done that - to write collection title and description. If you want to start selling the collection you just created - go ahead. Either way the next step will be to finish setting up your account. 

In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

The first part is completing Business details in your Account. Here you need to give us your legal address for invoices, address for sending samples and contact information. We might need to reach out to you regarding quality check, orders and other Printify matters.


The next part is Branding. Here you write the store name that you want to put on the packages we send to your clients and the return address on the packages. 


For making automated payments you set up your credit card or PayPal account in the Billing page. 


In the Orders tab firstly you set up order settings. Here you select whether you want your incoming orders to be sent to production automatically within 1h, 24h or manually - only after you approve them. Here you can also enable Printify shipping calculation. Read more here



With Printify you have the opportunity to install our app from the Shopify App Store and use it in Shopify or to use Printify from our website. Either way - if you install our app in Shopify, your account is already created, you simply need to create a password.

When you firstly register on our website, from there you need to connect to your Shopify store. When you create your first products and press "SELL ON SHOPIFY", the next step is to connect to your Shopify store. When your store is connected, congrats - you can start selling. 

In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

When you have created your first Printify products and are ready to sell them - it's a good idea to firstly touch your creative babies. In your account simply press on Sample order tab, select products for which you want to order samples and confirm order.



In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

Setting up your shipping rates might not be your favourite part of the business - but it's crucial. If you'll take at least a little bit of time in order to set up your shipping rates - you'll be good to go. 

If you are a basic plan user, you are limited to shipping settings that depend on product weights. Check out our Shipping rates and use our Shipping tips in order to make the best shipping settings for your store. Now you have Shipping Calculation with live flat rates available. Read more about it here

In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

With Printify you get automated order printing fulfilment and drop shipping. In your account under Orders tab you can select if you want to send orders to production automatically in 1-24 hours or you want to send orders to production manually. If you select to send orders automatically to production - the orders will be send to production in the time you selected - and the orders won't need your approval. If you want to make sure all the details in orders are correct before you send them to production - choose manual approval. Keep in mind - in that case you need to frequently visit our site to approve orders - otherwise they will be on-hold.



In Orders page, as you can see in the screen shot above, you can view and manage all your orders. Here you can browse orders by status - pending, in process, fulfilled or cancelled. By pressing on each order you can see details - product image, size, colour, address, contact information and more. 

Here you can also send orders to production - in case you have manual order approval. And you can create a manual order.

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Once you finished your account and started selling your first Printify products, you can work on getting more sales. Continue browsing our products, follow our newest offers and make your products perfect. Check out our Shipping Rates and Shipping Tips to improve your shipping conditions, read the Design Guide to make your designs simply perfect for printing. And - of course - create more new products that you can sell. 

If you need any tips on how to get more sales, you can check out Shopify guide 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale and other Shopify guides.

In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

In case you need any help, please free to contact us at

In case you would like to see more guides or get additional information about the given topics - please contact our Customer Care at to leave your feedback.