Manufacturer Network

What does it mean?

Let's make things clear. We're not the manufacturer. We don't own any printers. What we have is a badass technology.

We have created a platform where you will find all the best performing manufacturers worldwide. We get you connected to the best out of best - Fifth Sun, T Shirt and Sons, ArtGun and more. These are the biggest manufacturers worldwide with the highest production volumes exclusively working only with world-class brands. Because of automated connection through Printify now you get instant access to them - which gives you the opportunity to get the quality and prices of the most famous brands.

Now we have 100+ products, printing facilities located in both US and UK. These numbers will grow and soon enough you will be able to sell your design on anything anywhere with the highest possible quality and the lowest possible cost.

You can browse our products by brands or manufacturers - find the manufacturer located nearest to your most frequent sales location. Compare prices, printing features, product range and quality - and find the offer that is best suited for you. Create your own products and start selling on your Shopify store.

Once you sell products with Printify - you get automated order printing fulfilment and shipping. You can choose if you want to send orders to production automatically in 1-24 hours or do you want to manually approve them. No need for inventory or storage space - you pay only after selling because it's print on demand.

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